Ntiamoah Joseph



“There’s a popular adage which says “The pen is mightier than the sword” and we can all agree with the general statement that Education is the roadmap to success.

In 2016, I came to know about Edoofa through a Facebook advertisement. I made contact with Mr. Vivek, who connected me to my counselor. He briskly explained what Edoofa is.

It took less than a month, I had successfully gone through the Edoofa Cycle, I had been interviewed and admitted into a prestigious university and I’d been offered a whooping 60% scholarship package to pursue my goals of higher learning.

Apparently, I still had my doubts and was not too convinced about the authenticity and credibility of Edoofa, though I had all the documents that attested that I have been offered admission. As if they knew of my doubts, I was constantly contacted by the wonderful Edoofa team who explained everything better to me.

Just recently, Mr. Angad Singh, the CEO of Edoofa made a trip to Ghana and I was part of the Edoofa students who had the rare privilege of meeting with him. Basically, the warmth we enjoyed around him gave me the impression of how wonderful and friendly Indian people are.

Surveying the tremendous impact Edoofa has made in this last decade, I hope they will broaden their horizon globally. Basically, I hope they reach many other deserving students from other parts of the world. This is so that all these students can have their goals of higher education come true.

So far so good, I must commend the visionary management and the proactive Edoofa team. I say “Ayekoo!”

EDOOFA!- Education For All!”

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