Gabriel Abukar

Gabriel Abukar’s Review

“The Edoofa program is a higher education concierge that takes pride in helping deserving students get scholarship and also part time jobs and internships in the most prestigious universities. Edoofa helps not only in getting admission, the program helps in skill development by providing training and internships. This is my experience with Edoofa


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Based on the above statement Edoofa has proven to be very reliable and resourceful. One of the ways to identify an organization who has a future or who is here to stay is to first of all do a research on their vision and mission because without vision there is no direction and without direction no destination, no accomplishment.

Do they benefit from it? Yes, of course. However, the students benefit more because of the opportunity to make their future brighter and to stand out among many others. The counselors are remarkable, they are more like a family.

It is a place to be and a family to be part of.”


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