Tips for Writing an Effective Job-Ready Resume

A resume is an applicant’s advertisement of his/her skills. Promote your competencies and credentials to potential employers through an effective resume. Improve your chances of landing in a job by following these tips.

  • Check For Any Errors

Avoid errors (grammatical and typographical) that can ruin your chances. You should be careful to check your resume before submitting it to companies and employers. The content needs to be grammatically correct; or else, the potential employers may deduce unflattering conclusions about you, your personality and your work attitude.

  • Be Specific

You must be specific when writing entries, particularly with regard to your work experiences. Be specific to get the attention of an employer and save your resume from being thrown in the bin due to lack of details.

  • Customize

It can be true that resume writing is a demanding task. Thus, you might be tempted to just search online for a format that you can use. While using these generalized formats is helpful, make sure that you just don’t replace pertinent details on the sample resume. Make sure that you design the resume specifically for the company to whom you are submitting it. Employers will appreciate job applicants who give extra effort by creating a resume that is customized according to the offered job position and to the company itself.

  • Just The Right Length

Too long and it can be boring to read; and too short a resume would not adequately tell an employer how skillful you are. Both circumstances can only get your resume instantly thrown to the bin or shredder. Try to limit to only two pages. Instead of writing in long paragraphs, make it easier to read by using short sentences and bullet points.

  • Know What Your Resume Should Contain

Lack of knowledge about what to include in a resume usually results in too short or too long a document. When you know exactly what to include in your abstract, you can ensure that it will contain all the necessary information and avoid overloading your document with optional details. For a standard resume, include the following details: contact information, goal or objective, qualifications summary, work history or experience, education, special skills, military experience  and references.

Summing it all up, in writing a resume, you have to know what makes it good and make sure that your own abstract contains such qualities. It needs to target the specific job you are applying for while containing details that are clearly and carefully laid out. It must be concise, but not lacking in pertinent details. Spelling and grammar should be correct; and contents must be accurate.

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