My Learnings as an international student in India: Rodgers Brown Nyondo

I Rodgers Brown Nyondo, a student pursuing  B.A in Geograpgy Honours Degree, would like to share with you about my learnings as an international student in this blogpost.
In the first place I thank God for his loving kindness and mercy he shows me in my daily life as a student. I have very nice and awesome moments In India and my university in particular.
On the same point I thank and honor my school administration for their availability for us and the good services they provide to us only to make sure that we are well equipt mentally, physically and spiritually so that we may be in a standard cohesive environment for learning which really works for us and take care for us. I feel i have someone who is my mother and a nice second home.
The second point is hardworking lectures and they have passion for their students and they are delighted to impart relevant knowledge that will not only help us to perform well in academic but also to make us and shape us into responsible people. They make sure we understand our syllabus, give us assignments and topics to study that we should always be busy with our books and be hard working students. The school also exposes us to extra activities like sports e.g Football and Cricket, Entertainment like dancing our cultural dance and mingle it with Indian culture.
Apart from that we receive good treatment from our fellow students and they even help us to do same things that we need help in. They also help us to understand rules and regulations of our institute as every place has rules and regulations that students must abide to. They also take us to our library read and discuss work in groups to do our assignments and revise our class work. I love this because it shows that we are all one and I don’t feel segregated.
Indian culture and Values: In India a guest is a god that’s what that i believe. So, people anywhere we go will treat us with respect and honor that makes me feel humbled. Indians are very friendly and nice people due to this I have been able to make new friends both at school and out of camps. These good friends of mine help me if am in need of their help, hence they are my family and they are helping me to easily adapt and fit into Indian environment.
Lastly and most important thing what I enjoy most is attending my church services at seventh day Adventist church this gives me strength and hope that am among the children, Son and Daughters of God and they like me a lot I feel blessed for this.

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