What Ghanians Must Know Before a Journey To India To Study : Jeremiah Gyasi Boahen

Information is very important because if you are not informed you will be deformed. A lot of students who travel to India for further studies are of the mind-set that India is for greener pastures. They begin to imagine great things and upon arrival when they find things a little different than their expectations (which is normal in the case of every international travel) they can get disappointed. Most of the times students do not get the right kind of information about how to organise themselves for the journey to India. I hope this write-up will be of great benefit to my dear brothers and sisters who have the desire to further their education in India.


As the saying goes “proper preparation prevent poor performance”. In every move that you make you need to get prepared emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, mentally and materially. So many Ghanaians have fallen victim of some aspect of preparation to travel to India. This has been a matter of concern which need to be addressed. Due to the lack of information many students become worried after arrival. 

I would like to emphasise much on the material preparation. You must get the information right from here. Some students are of the view that India is well developed and for that matter material things like cloth, shoes, books, phones and a lot more are so cheap. While this is true that India is much more developed than Ghana, It also means some goods are expensive in India compared to Ghana, Atleast till the time we get to know of cheaper alternatives – always remember it takes time to know a place fully well to become aware of the most cost effective resources in that particular land. This happens with every foreign national in every country so be mindful of it and prepare accordingly.

You may come along with most of your clothes such as jeans (the dominant trousers in Indian universities) and all sort of descent clothing. If you have a laptop you may come along with it but it should be in your in your hand bag or back pack. As it is well known that one do not need a prospectus from a university upon admission, whatever you think will be of help to you as a student must not be left out in your preparation.

 Most people just hate traveling with a lot of luggage. Yes you actually feel comfortable with a small luggage but you should have a lot of money either in your bank account or your pocket. If you hold international visa card or master card,  make sure you visit your bank for them to activate it for you before you travel else you may not be able to redraw money on your arrival. You must know that International travel comes with its challenges especially in the case of money transfers. You must know that financial security is very important in international trade and therefore all governments take extreme precautions in the various money transfer routes/channels. However, if you are well prepared and you are well prepared you’ll figure out best possible ways.


After booking for a ticket with whichever airline you want to travel with, take note of the number of luggage that you are permitted to carry along which will not undergo any extra charges. Most of the time when your luggage is more than what the airline expected you are asked to take off some of your load (materials) in your luggage in order to reduce the weight or you will have to pay extra charges. This is where the trouble lies because you become confuse as to what thing to take out, if you don’t take care you will take the most important things out and upon your arrival begin to say ‘had I known’. Most students from Ghana use Ethiopian airline of which I know they accept two luggage of which one luggage must not exceed 25kg, meaning the two luggage must not exceed 50kg. This does not mean that you should leave the things that will be of help to you at home.

You should make sure that some items like perfume, deodorants, pomades, tooth paste, shito, gari and other provisions that will be of help to you as a student upon arrival are well wrapped and placed deep inside your luggage. Under no circumstance should this items be kept in your hand bag or your back pack, or your pocket. It is very important to come along with some provisions that will sustain you for some days until you are used to the food that are sold in India or the food that you may be served in your hostel. Remember you are coming to a different land with different cultural values.

Last but not least try and get in touch with someone who is already schooling in India through edoofa to guide you throughout your preparation.


Kind regards

By: Edoofa student from Ghana

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