6 Steps To Become A Successful Event Planner

Have you ever seen ‘Lakme Fashion Week’ or ‘Miss India Contest’? Did you ever considered who plans these events. Well, credit goes to a creative Event Planner. Event planners are professionals, responsible for coordinating, running and planning of people,teams and features in order to make an event a grand success.

Here are 6 steps to become a successful event planner.

  1. Get Experience

While there are so many events going around your locality, volunteer yourself as a caterer, florist, non-profit organization or to other established event planners.

2. Be Responsible

Volunteering alone won’t help you in getting good experience, all you need is to move into a position with some responsibility.  This will consequently help you establish relationships with clients and vendors.

3. Networking Is A Key

In event planning, networking is a key. Wherever you go out, try to collect contact information of people. This will help you build your own networks and professional contacts.

4. Create An Event Portfolio

In event planning it’s very important to showcase your work, abilities and talent through brochures, photos and invitations of the events on which you have worked.

5. Develop Your Business Plan

Do proper research before implementing any idea into your business plans and further allow yourself to analyse the possible opportunities.

6. Stay Focused.

Although you can offer wide range of services to your client, it is important to stay focused on product, service, market, planning and execution to plan an event.