How to become the next Sanjeev Kapoor- the famous chef

Have you ever heard about the famous chef Sanjeev Kapoor and his show ‘Khana Khazana’? Or ever thought of making a successful career like him in the Culinary Industry?

Well, if you have a passion for cooking and good sense of flavors then why not make it a profession? Here are some points every aspiring student in culinary industry should know.

  1. Passion for culinary art.

To become a successful chef, you need to be dedicated and sincere. Also, an obsession for new flavors and trends will help to master the culinary art.

  1. Practice until you reach perfection just like celebrity chef, Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor

When you cook at home, you’re doing it at your own pace. At restaurants, you will have to adjust your speed to meet the the efficiency needed. The best way to achieve this is – practice.

  1. Replicate new recipes and try new ones

You may stress out due to the sudden arrival of new guests, but, you should be good enough to replicate their recipes and must have the risk taking ability to try a new one. A seasoned chef will experiment with tastes.

  1. Culinary art degree Courses

Although, going to a culinary school is not a prerequisite for becoming a chef. However, it gives better opportunities and exposure when candidates are more interested to join a reputed restaurant.

  1. Internships and certificates

Internships and certificates will help you to get specialization in different cuisines, cooking methods and techniques.

  1. Career Opportunities.

Career opportunities for culinary professionals are good enough. Professionals with experience can become Executive Chef or Master Chef in reputed restaurants or else you can open your own restaurants or food chains.

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