1. Understand your purpose as a software engineer:

    How can you design and implement good software without deep understanding of the purpose or use? The better you know the business the higher is the probability to implement the best system and to be a successful software engineer. You should have the in-depth knowledge about the field. If you lack the basic understanding, you will not be able to execute your purpose and run your business successfully. Understand what you intend to do and achieve with your knowledge. Research deeply about your vision and then move forward to achieve it.

  2. Learn multiple languages:

    We are not talking about spanish or french, no. We are albeit, talking about programming languages. Its a good idea to know at least one multi-paradigm programming languages like Python, Java, C++ or C#.  It helps you understand and device the programme in an efficient way. Moreover, you are able to check the work your team is doing and are able to incorporate changes for any chances of improvement.

  3. Get the basics right:

    A software engineer can’t know all tools in detail, but he/she should know the key concepts and underlying technologies.  If you know the basics, if your foundation is strong, you can upgrade your knowledge anytime. However, without the key concepts, you can be easily fooled and overtaken.

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