Why Pursuing A Career in Law is More Exciting than Ever Before

Law, over the past few years, has emerged as a lucrative field, with great growth potential and not being restricted anymore to traditional career paths such as being an advocate, a criminal lawyer or working for the government. Corporate law and legal consultancy have emerged as highly sought after career choices for law graduates.

From time to time, we hear inspiring stories of remarkable individuals who rose up from the difficulties of life and became extremely successful despite coming from humble beginnings. These inspirational stories remind us that one’s economic status should never be a hindrance in achieving one’s dreams.

One such story is that of Howard Chan. A man from Philippines who once worked as a laborer. Even his well-off relatives did not financially support him which made him realize that one can never rely on anyone else to help them get by. One needs to create their own success story. And so Howard studied hard and passed the Philippines Bar Exams. Today he is a successful attorney, earning good income and doing well professionally.

Another such success story comes from one of our very own Edoofians. Asalia Dhliwayo from Zimbabwe wished to pursue a bachelors in law, but quality higher education abroad is extremely expensive, especially for professional courses such as law, going up to $20,000-$30,000 per year, and most of us cannot afford such high tuition fees. Asalia then heard about the Edoofa Program and decided to apply. Seeing his passion for his higher education dreams as well as his academic merit, Asalia was rewarded a 60% Scholarship to pursue a BA-LLB (Law) in India. He is now pursuing his dream to be a lawyer. And we at Edoofa will guide him every step of the way.

With $7 Million worth of Scholarships and 1400 seats across the globe, Edoofa has a vision, to see Africa as a global leader of innovation, culture and growth. With this vision in mind, our global scholarship program has 400 Seats exclusively reserved for meritorious students across Africa. Admissions have started for the 2019 batch. For more information visit www.edoofa.com

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