Why Mechanical Engineering Remains an Evergreen Branch for Engineering Aspirants

Mechanical Engineering is known as the big daddy of all engineering branches, and with good reason. One of the oldest and broadest disciplines within the field of engineering, mechanical engineering first developed as a field during the Industrial Revolution in the 18th Century, although traces of its development can be traced back to several thousand years across civilizations in the world. Over the years, the field has constantly evolved with time to incorporate modern advancements in the 20th and 21st centuries. Today, mechanical engineers are pursuing disciplines in the fields of the future, such as composites, mechatronics and nanotechnology.

The reason mechanical engineering is known as one of the broadest disciplines within engineering is because it overlaps with almost all other engineering disciplines, including aerospace engineering metallurgical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, manufacturing engineering, chemical engineering, industrial engineering and other engineering disciplines in varying amounts. Mechanical engineers may also work in the field of biomedical engineering, specifically within bomechanics, transport phenomena, bionanotechnology and modeling of biological systems among others.

Due to the expansiveness and broad nature of the field, there are several careers that a B.Tech or M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering can go into:

  1. Aerospace industry- In the aerospace industry, mechanical engineers are used to do research, design, manufacture, operate and maintain the air crafts.
  2. Automotive industry- In the automotive industry, mechanical engineers are used to do designing, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of motor vehicles.
  3. Chemical industry- In the chemical industry, they cover the oil companies, chemical manufactures and the business to build new chemical plants or to develop new process technologies.
  4. Construction industry- In this field of industry the role of mechanical engineers is to design and build the infrastructure and buildings and its services like heating and ventilation.
  5. Defence industry- In the defence industry, they provide the equipments and provide support and services to the armed forces.
  6. Electronics industry- In this field of industry,the role of mechanical engineers is to design and manufacture components and complete equipments for sectors from automotive and the military.
  7. Marine industry- In this field of industry, the role of mechanical engineers is to develop the vessels and help to operate them.
  8. Material and metal industry- In this field of industry, mechanical engineers performs the activities which include developing new material and manufacturing components or end products.
  9. Rail industry- In rail industry, the role of mechanical engineers is to design, construct, manage and maintain the rail system component from train and tracks to electrical power system and train control system.
  10. Utilities industry- In this field of industry, they help to supply the power, water, waste material and telecom.

Mechanical engineering is a core engineering branch and great mechanical engineers not only develop well professionally, but also contribute to the advancement of their country.

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