Why Indonesian Students Come to India for Higher Education Abroad

Indonesian students are increasingly choosing to come to India to pursue their higher education.  Traditional options for pursuing higher education abroad such as USA, Canada, and UK are becoming increasingly difficult for Indonesian students to pursue with the extremely high costs of education, travel and accommodation, adding to this is the major issue of the increasing difficulty for Muslim students to get student visas in the USA due to the policies of US President Donald Trump.

India’s rising popularity for Indonesian students is also contributed by the fact that India remains a welcome country for international Muslim students. India has the second largest Muslim population in the world after Indonesia and shares several cultural similarities. It is extremely easy to find a mosque and halal meat. India is extremely friendly as a country for international students due to its great cultural diversity and acceptance of people from all religions, races, castes and backgrounds.

India has also emerged as a global IT hub and is a popular destination for international students, especially those interested in Engineering, Business and Computer Science. Over the past 10 years, startups have boomed in India and have led to great economic growth. CEOs of top organizations including Google and Microsoft are Indians. Indians are dominating the IT sector and science fields even in the USA, with a large number of employees in Silicon Valley and NASA being Indians. Entrepreneurship, especially in the digital field is growing more rapidly in India than anywhere else in the world. Indonesian students are coming to India for their higher education abroad for this reason as well.

Another major factor contributing to Indonesian students coming to India for their higher education is affordability. Tuition fee is highly affordable for international students, so is accommodation. Travel is also cheaper as compared to USA or Europe, due to the close proximity between India and Indonesia. 

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