Why a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is Ideal for You

When you think of the most successful businesses in the world today, some of the top companies you want to work for, what are the names that come up in your mind? Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Uber. What do all of these companies have in common? The answer is simple. Information Technology (IT). IT and the world of computer science has made the biggest impact in the way businesses operate since the industrial revolution. Technology has grown at a more rapid pace than we could have ever imagined. And knowing how to handle massive amounts of data, and use it to provide value to your business digitally has become the most empowering skill in today’s job market.

That is what makes a bachelor of science in Computer Science one of the most prestigious courses to pursue right now. It has excellent growth potential and career opportunities. It is a job oriented course that caters to the needs of the global Tech Industry. A graduate in BSc. Computer Science can pursue the following career paths among others: Application Programmer, Computer Support Specialist, Database Administrator, Enterprise Information Officer, Graphic Designer, Hardware and Network Expert, Information Architect, Information Systems Manager, Web Designer, etc.

The IT industry is worth trillions of dollars. The big 5 in the tech world (Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft) are alone worth more than $3 trillion. Growth of the IT industry in any country leads to the economic development and creation of jobs in that country.

At Edoofa, we strive to create leaders and pioneers of the IT industry in Africa by providing passionate, meritorious students with an affordable, employability-focused higher education experience through 50-100% scholarships.

With $7 Million worth of Scholarships and 1400 seats across the globe, Edoofa has a vision, to see Africa as a global leader of innovation, culture and growth. With this vision in mind, our global scholarship program has 400 Seats exclusively reserved for meritorious students across Africa. Admissions have started for the 2019 batch. For more information visit www.edoofa.com

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