Which are the most preferred education countries for Africans?

There are many countries that Africans preferred for their education but  India is the most preferred education country for Africans. As India’s education is far more renowned, a lot of African Muslim men settle in Hyderabad and marry Muslim Indian women. The possibility of an African person going back to his country after educating himself in an Indian institute is higher, Africa is long known for settlers and thereby its diversity. Such diversity is certainly seen in India as compared to other parts of the Indian subcontinent. Some Africans will face a tough time with Indians not treating them right, others are luckier and find very good friends. Weighing what they will get India through education, I would say the pros exceed the cons.  India is just a developing economy, with the white man complex just like the whole of Asia and Africa.

Further, India is academically strong along with being economical which is not in the countries like the US and Europe, In India, in India, English is a second spoken language whereas, therefore, Teachers have a better understanding.

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