Edoofa is a Non-Governmental Organization founded in India with the aim of helping well deserved and qualified individuals but most of it all determined students who are ready to make good use of opportunities they come in contact with.

Edoofa is a setup which reaches out to ambitious students who have the aim of acquiring higher education but cannot afford it. Edoofa’s main aim is targeting such students and give them the opportunity to make their dreams come through by taking upon themselves all that’s (100%) or part which is (from 50%) and providing you with a guide throughout your stay with them.

This prestigious Organization offers Scholarships to students who want to attain higher education in a well established and state of the art Universities in India. They offer nothing less than 50% scholarships to 100%. Isn’t this great news, acquiring knowledge in top universities with only paying half or nothing at all.

That’s not all, they also provide you guide through your stay. Edoofa equips you with all that you will need even before you get to the university. They provide the best counseling that puts you ahead of the system and this really makes you prepared. One amazing fact about Edoofa is that they bring the student first before anything. We are all treated like families and nobody is looked upon. Every measure is taking to give you comfort if being in your education or your stay.

 Finally, Edoofa will go to the extent of providing edoofians with special programs which is known as the Earn While You Lean. Surprised! yes exactly as it sounds “Earn While You Learn”   which only don’t help you get scholarships credits but also develop and equip you with the necessary skills to meet and face today’s working place standards. 

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