What is a Scholarship?

It is a grant-in-aid to a student to help further their education. They are usually given based on some criteria, to reflect the purpose of the benefactor. It is not expected that the money rewarded is paid back in cash or kind. Scholarships are given to deserving students who may not have the financial capability of furthering their education. 

Scholarships may be classified into the following which include:

  • Merit-based: This kind of scholarships are given based on a student’s abilities such as academic, athletic, etc. They are mostly awarded by private institutions or colleges.
  • College-based: They are awarded by colleges to deserving applicants based on academic excellence or personal achievement. 
  • Career-specific: This is awarded to students who are keen on pursuing a particular career especially courses that do not have many applicants.
  • Student-specific: This kind of scholarship defines the kind of students deserving of the scholarship and must qualify specifically from being a particular gender, race, religion, medical history, and other specific factors.
  • Brand scholarship: They are usually given by brands that are looking to gain attention and sell their brand.

Scholarships may be fully-funded or partially-funded. This means all expenses regarding the student fees such as tuition, travel, accommodation and whatever the student requires will be provided by the benefactor. The secret about scholarships is getting the right information on its availability because there are obtainable by all kind of students. It is therefore important to know when and where to look when applying for any scholarship.

Steps to Finding the Right Scholarship

  • Begin your search on time. The earlier you start searching for available platforms, the easier and faster you are likely to get one.
  • Fulfill all academic prerequisites as many scholarships require students with good academic records.
  • Focus on applying for scholarships that you are eligible for. Many scholarships highlight the kind of students and expectations they require, so if you do not fit the criteria there may be no need to make the application.


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