What Difference do you make when you return home after finishing your higher education?

First of all biggest difference I will make in me will be the development of my personality, interpersonal skills which will be very effective for mean and various lessons I learn from Edoofa will be applied in practice in my day to day living. My selection of ideas for anyone will be different and better ways. I would not be the person who I was yesterday because Edoofa has given me various opportunities to develop me a better person than yesterday, Edoofa’s efforts of making me a better person should be utilized and move on with my life.

 After completing my Education I want to be a self-sufficient person with my own job in Government and private whichever is possible and by applying all the skills I have to learn from edoofa ‘earn while you learn’ i will collect finance from various Financial institutions and Would build house finding a creative and Innovative design as possible at the roadside where we have Land un-utilized till now. I want to start a small business that would be effective and reliable for everyone and later I will Extent to up to greater levels.

 I will make sure that my business is better and different (unique) from any other. I will utilize my each and every confidence I gain from Edoofa through S.E.E.L.S program properly in a proper place. So that my parents feel proud and happy by seeing their child has grown to a very responsible person for the world to live in.


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