Studying in India has been exciting and life-changing as I have learned a lot of things that are considered invaluable. It has helped me see the world through a different view and experience a new style of education and culture. I will be sharing a few skills I have gained since arriving in India.

  • Self-Awareness: Travelling to a different country also helps one discover themselves more. You get to examine your beliefs in the face of other traditions and how willing you are towards such. Also, you see the world from a wider perspective which improves your decision-making skills and new interests you may have never discovered in your home country.
  • Communication: This is a skill that wouldn’t matter when you are around people who understand how you speak, vocabulary, accent, and actions. It is much different when interacting with people from different parts of the world. It helps one understand the importance of conveying a message and getting understood to improve effective communication.
  • Self-Reliance: It will also influence how you think and help you produce results faster with little or no help from another person. As you try to find your way around a different country and culture, you improve your resilience to new challenges and how you go solving them.
  • Cultural Awareness: It opens one to become familiar with the traditions and customs of the new country. You become more accommodating to new cultures and you are also willing to learn more about other cultures and festivals.
  • Adaptability: Studying in a different country means you are bound to encounter different weather, food, traditions, the standard of living and colleagues, etc. It helps one to adapt easily to a new environment which will be a very important tool in the real-world working space.
  • Problem-Solving: Problem-solving is a vital skill that makes anyone relevant in any given space. Studying abroad exposes you to different challenges which in turn improve how you tackle problems and you also see how other people handle similar problems. You become more resourceful and helps you manage resources efficiently. 

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