What are the problems faced by international students in India and how Edoofa is helping them to overcome those problems?

Being an international student in countries whose L1 isn’t the English Language, for instance, India can be quite difficult and unbearable at times, but looking on the brighter side, they are quite solvable.

Cutting to the chase, let’s take a peep into some of those challenges and how Edoofa helps international students in defeating such difficulties.

Language barrier: This is the most significant issue which leaves you puzzled and discouraged most times, marking down your chances of expressing your opinions or problems. The good news is Edoofa has functioning help desk offices, all over university campuses under their domain, at your beck and call to assist in not only issues relating to academics but other basic concerns as well.

Cultural adaptation: As you step into a foreign land for the first time, all excitement vanishes into thin air, as you find yourself trying to understand the new customs, different languages, food, and tactics in socializing. Anyways, this shouldn’t be much of a problem for Edoofians, who had been prepared beforehand through the SLC classes, on everything they have to know about India, and the coping mechanisms. 

Difficulty in writing and comprehending lectures in classes: The huge language wall, becomes not only an obstruction for students socially, but also academically when the medium of instruction is the foreign language. Also, since the academic criteria in the foreign institutions are quite different from that of their home countries, international students, at first, find it quite uneasy to adhere to the new academic standards in terms of writing and scoring of assignments, tests, exams, and so on.

Taking myself as an example, I must say Edoofa, demolished that huge language wall of the language problem, when I consulted them about it. They proffered ways by which I can overwhelm the challenges, and since the lecturers had a good knowledge of the English language, but most of the students had that lapse, they advised me to speak to the lecturers in taking private classes, which worked out eventually. In the long run, with the help of Edoofa, facing these challenges and learning to overcome them, turns out to be quite advantageous and fruit-yielding in your educational adventure.

Achusome Frederica Nkechi

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