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Over the past 2 years, after counseling tens of thousands of students, we’ve really gone in-depth, in understanding the problems which students face. We’ve gone above & beyond to ensure that Edoofians in India has a spectacular experience. Edoofa Program removes every obstacle standing between you and your dreams.


Over the next decade, Africa will have the higher number of youth in the continent. This creates serious demands for leaders in every industry. Edoofa graduates, in the next few years will be on the leading edge of this youth population- able & capable of solving big problems, working in great jobs in different industries, serving their countries and making it a better economy, and doing well, not just financially, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and creating a better life for their friends & family.



You must be thinking how will these happen?
How does the “ EARN WHILE YOU LEARN” Program operate?
Let me help you understand it better!



The “ EARN WHILE YOU LEARN” program executes simultaneously with your University classes.
The program mainly focuses on developing and enhancing your skills which include soft skills, basic internet skills, basic technical skills, presentation skills, communication skills, productivity skills and lots more.
The program conducts seminars, workshops, internships and assigns projects to the Edoofians which make the students ready for the current employment and industry scenario of the present world.


The “ EARN WHILE YOU LEARN” PROGRAM not only trains you but also gives you opportunities to earn either monthly based stipends or project-based stipends for the work that you do. Edoofa will train you, get you equipped with all the skills you need to do well in the industry oriented tasks and make you aware of the real market scenario.


The “ EARN WHILE YOU LEARN” PROGRAM not only trains you for three months but also guides and mentors you till you finish your course at the University.


Edoofa makes sure, you get enough required skills, knowledge, experience and the proper productive mindset which not only will provide you stipends or income opportunities while you are still at college, but also will make you Employable and Industry ready.
The entire program takes place in a systematic and planned manner where every Edoofian will be mentored, guided by frequent assessments and projects.



Get connected with the most caring, experienced and empathetic career counselors who help you with direct and actionable advice for career growth. 

Register yourself on the website  www.edoofa.com.

Or contact us directly over WhatsApp @ +91 7292063289  so that we can reach out to you and get you connected to one of the counselors in 24 to 48 hours.

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