VISA procurement for Nigerian students to study abroad

Most of the Nigerian students are not clear with the process of obtaining visa for their education. Here is the complete list of documents needed for VISA application:


1.)    Authenticated certificates by the following ministries: ministry of education and ministry of foreign affairs. Both ministries are located in Abuja.  List of documents to be authenticated are:


    UNIVERSITY CERTIFICATE for master’s student

    TRANSCRIPT for master’s student

          Each documents costs 300naira at each ministry. You pay using remitta… the procedures will be explained to             you when you get there. And please note it might take latest 4 days for completion, depending on how fast you are.

2.)   NDLEA VISA CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE. This certificate sometimes is not needed in Abuja embassy, but my best advice is to go to An NDLEA office very close to you to apply for visa clearance, it cost 10000 naira. Lagos embassy always asks for this certificate.

3.)   Admission letter from the school

4.)   The school should send this admission letter to the consular email at the embassy and copy the letter to the students email.. the students should print out the sent document.  Make sure the print out includes “copy’. Edoofa helps you with this. 

5.)   International  passport

6.)   BANK STATEMENT: The bank statement should be 6 months maximum showing your balance of maximum  one million and minimum 500000 naira.  And the transaction on the bank statement should be okay

7.)   Sponsors letter , affidavit and I.D card of sponsor. 

8.)   Visa application form print out. Apply online on their website.  Just press application online form for India visa.. please  choose student visa. You’ll need the national ID. 

9.)   Passport photograph ( 2 with white background 2cm by 2cm)

10.)   Proof of payment to University. 





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