My Travel and Arrival Experience as an International Student in India: Tale from a First Timer By FRANCIS OKECHUKWU

My name is Okechukwu Francis and I am a new arrival to India on studies. Thanks to Edoofa I got admitted into one of best colleges in Dehradun to study Msc. in Biochemistry. 

If you are about to make an international trip for study purpose then this might just be the kind of post you need. I have taken time to dish out all my experience.
Now my visa call from the Indian embassy Abuja hit me like a surprise. I was so exited when I took a night bus to Abuja. On return preparations were so rapid, first I had to convert my money to US dollars, this can be done at any local bank just by showing your passport and visa stamp.
My flight ticket was booked on Ethiopian airlines which is the cheapest, trust me. I spent the day to my flight shopping for clothes, canvas, shirts, simple drugs like polge medicine you can’t say much about Indian food and basic things. Didn’t bother buying cream because anything liquid could cause custom issues when it exceeds 200ml.
My flight was for 1:30pm but boarding ends by 11am so I had to be they on time, left home by 8am to beat hold ups.
On arrival it was 10am, checked in, submitted my belongings for custom screening, my passport for immigration verification and made declaration of cash at hand.
Since I believe my readers are genuine prospective students, answering immigration questions like reason for travel, did you buy a return ticket, have you made initial school fees payment etc won’t be a problem.
We took of from Lagos at about 1:38pm and my God I can’t believe the feeling I got when I was on air, I was overwhelmed. I am traveling abroad and its not just for a visit but for studies, a journey which I now believe would surely change my life as I type this words from my college lodge.
We arrived Addis Ababa at about 8:45pm and by 1:00am in the morning we were ready for Delhi in a flight which has been delayed for a bit due to technical problems.
It was 9:23am, we just touched down at Delhi. I could still remember the Captain saying “Hello, Good Morning everyone this is your captain we are about to touch down at Delhi, please put on your sit belts as we do so, thank you for choosing Ethiopian airlines” right before we landed.
We touched down softly and in minutes we were already at the arrival. I was stamped in by an immigrantion officer who didn’t bother to ask any question perhaps he was already convinced by my intelligent look and clean blue suit, well what else does he expect from a Madonna graduate?
I picked my luggage and headed to the exit after exchanging contacts with some great Nigerian guys I have met on my flight to Delhi. And just when I needed it most, Edoofa’s very own Mr. Jasmeet was at the exit door to receive me.
Hope you enjoyed reading, trust you would have a great experience traveling so do feel free to share with us.

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