The Inspiring Story of a Ghanian Who Didnt Give Up

Being a good student is a wonderful experience but that alone can’t guarantee a future that one dreams of. This is because in today’s time, the world relies heavily on networking.

I was the last born amongst eight siblings to parents who were peasant farmers. They could only struggle to help the very first born attain Secondary School Education. Having nobody in my immediate circle to look up to as an inspiration and still aim high was a great challenge.

One day, a university graduate came to my village to do his national service and said to me, “Ben, I can see great potential in you, consider not the financial support you might not get from your parents. When you work hard, you will go to school.” That was all I needed.

My result came and I topped in my village and had the opportunity to go to The Accra Academy. Despite all odds, I attained three major successes :

  1. My friends and I formed the Apex JA company which grew to be recognized by the then Barclay banks MD. Mr Benjamin Deborah.
  2. Through this we won the national JA company program and represented Ghana on the African Stage in Kenya 2010. This was the first time I went to the Ghana Airport.
  3. I was a part of the team that won the second edition of the Financial Literacy Quiz competition.

Having completed my Senior High Education with flying colors, I got admission in Economics and Mathematics at the University of Ghana Legon.

Meeting  with EDOOFA has given me hope of reaching the heights I want to, and contribute back to my society. I believe a life well lived is one lived for others. Being an eye to the blind and to depart wisdom to the ignorant gives me utmost joy. Having EDOOFA channel my dream in the right direction is a great privilege and very timely as well.

Every step of the EDOOFA program seeks to bring out the very best in an individual. Confidence is gained, sense of responsibility is sharpened and above all you become more analytical. Students views and concerns are well received and meticulously guided.

We are EDOOFAIANS and we stand for quality affordable education.
That old dream which looked lifeless at some point is now for greater glory.

Thank You EDOOFA.
Thank You GOD.

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