Tawaih Archman Job writes about the Edoofa Scholarship Program

Job Tawiah wants to acquire a masters degree in IT that will assist him to become a software consultant. He wants to one day be able to provide affordable services to marginalized companies in Ghana and Africa as a whole. His passion has always been assisting others and trying to improve their quality of life.





“Education is not a privilege but it’s a right”, many people say that and I agree to that fact.

What about you?

Many people do not get access to higher education because of financial difficulties and it becomes privilege to them but often, even those who are privileged enough to get educated are often not employable. Why is this happening? The answers to the questions are provided below.

Are you among those students, who are seeking opportunities of higher education? Therefore, the answer to your search is EDOOFA SCHOLARSHIP. Earlier, I knew Edoofa as an organization which just help students to get a scholarship to study in abroad and that was all. This is because, I havecome across many scholarship schemes which in the end you have to pay more than you thought you would. However, when I did my research, I realized I was wrong about this particular program.

Edoofa helps all selected students get a scholarship from 50% – 100%. They have provided a platform for students to pursue affordable higher education in India. The objective of Edoofa is not to only help you to get higher education but also to train you to get employable skills by doing training and internships. This makes you employable at the end of your course.

I think this is the opportunity for us all to reach and achieve our dreams.

This is why I am writing this. Wake up and achieve your dreams instead of achieving your dreams while asleep. “Wake up and touch your dreams”, just as Lucky Dube said.

Mr. Angad Singh, the founder of Edoofa once said, “to him, education is not a privilege but it is a right”. He further said, “there are circumstances in life where financial crisis and lack of sponsorship may hinder your achievements. Never let these despair you from your ambitions but focus and try to move forward to touch them all.” These words really motivated me.

What about you?

I wrote on my wall, “Education is not a privilege, it is a right.” I read it every day. This helps me to think about it regularly.

Why should you choose India as your education destination?

India has the best curriculum for your education. Due to this, almost everybody gets employement after higher education. The current unemployment rate in India is 3.41%, which means that 96.59% are employed. This is far better than other countries lies UK, Canada, Spain, Italy etc. India is the 3rd country with the highest GDP after China and USA. Indian inflation is currently 2.48%, which means that their interest rate is low and the cost of goods and services are very low. In all these, these make India the best choice to make your education happen. Choose Edoofa Scholarship program and you will achieve all your dreams.


Thank you.

Job Taiwah.



How to get an affordable Indian education

Not every deserving student gets an affordable higher education. Don’t miss this opportunity. Mr. Angad and Mr. Avreen are in Ghana for a few more days. Contact us for more details.
Register on www.edoofa.com so that our counselors can help you get a seat in a prestigious University.
You can also contact us on +917838693749 or studentcare@edoofa.com.

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