11 Successful People Who Did Not Let Failure Decide Their Fate!!

Failure is an inevitable part of life. If it gets into a person’s head, it blocks the path of success. It takes courage to stand up after failure. The disappointment of failure becomes hard to handle if the hard work does not pay off as expected. The greatest achievers in history who do not let failure define them became immortal. With pure perseverance and audacity, they continued till they succeeded. They believed in themselves and success came to their feet despite disheartenment and discouragement of failure. These are stories of some of the greatest achievers of history who demonstrate that it is possible to succeed even after facing a number of failures:




Thomas Edison

The greatest inventor of all time was once considered as dumb by his teachers in school. But he never let them define who he was and invented light bulb after failing countless times. He never gave up and invented something that people would use for centuries to come. His invention gave rise to more inventions and we can get light through light bulbs and tubes in night. We cannot imagine what would have happened if he would have gave up after few attempts of failure.



Colonel Sanders

There is no age limit to start living a dream. He started at the age of 65 with a fried chicken recipe in hand, travelled everywhere to present his recipe to restaurant owners, and every time they rejected him. We will be astonished to know how many times he had been rejected. The number is 1009. His belief in his recipe and perseverance paid off. Today, he has the food chain all over the world. The name is KFC(Kentucky Fried Chicken). After facing rejection more than thousand times if he could stand up, the success will never go away from him.




Henry Ford

His first two companies failed, financial backers lost faith in him and went bankrupt several times before he founded Ford Motor Company. But, he used his failures as an opportunity to learn and refined the designs of his cars. ‘The model T’ came out and it revolutionized the entire automobile industry. His name was out there as a visionary. He would have never been able to give some flawless models of cars to the world, if he wouldn’t have courage to begin more intelligently after failures.




Abraham Lincoln

At the age of 22, he lost his job. Then started a business, but it failed. His dear wife died, had nervous breakdown, contested in election for speaker in legislature and lost, contested twice for senate and lost, contested for vice president and lost and there are many events in this list of his failures. With an indomitable will, he stood up for himself every time he failed and became the President. In 1860, he was elected as the President of United States. Hats off to his never give up spirit.





Walt Disney

He was fired from a newspaper for lacking new ideas and imagination. Later, he created Mickey Mouse and the whole world fell in love of this character. He went bankrupt seven times in his life and regained his wealth again and again. With grit and persistence, he didn’t let failure stop him from creating something new with which the whole world would fall in love. If he would have listened to people of that newspaper company, we would have missed Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy as well.




Steve Jobs

In 1985, he was fired from the company he co-founded, humiliated publicly and left devastated by politics within the company. But he loved what he did, so he founded another company and never lost his contact with technology. In 1997, he returned to Apple and revolutionized the digital industry. If he would have given up as soon as he was fired, there would have been no iPod, iMac or iPhone. He changed the world with his vision and doing what he always loved to do.




Michael Jordan

He was rejected to play for basketball team of his school. He cried, locked himself in the room and decided never to let this happen again in life. With relentless hard work and belief in himself, he became one of the greatest basketball players in the history. He admits that he has failed over and over again in life, but never gave up. He takes pride while giving credit of his success to his failures.





Dr. A. P J. Abdul Kalam

His dream was to become an Indian Air Force pilot. But in the interview process, he grabbed ninth position out of 25, but only 8 slots were available. Devastated by his failure to achieve his dream, he realized that the resources we need to achieve anything in life are within us. With sheer hard work and overcoming obstacles that came in his way in various forms, he does not only become the missile man but also the President of India. He inspired millions till his last breath.





J. K. Rowling

She was a divorced mother, living on welfare, going to school and writing a novel in her spare time. This is the story of her before Harry Potter came. She considered herself a biggest failure she knew. At that time, she had a typewriter and a big idea. With this situation, she took the world into a whole different world of magic. Harry Potter Book was rejected 12 times by publishers. But it didn’t stop her from going to the next publisher and become the first billionaire writer.




Amitabh Bachchan

His first 12 films were flops and he was also rejected by All India Radio due to his voice. It didn’t stop him from performing various roles in films and making people crazy about his voice and grace. His persistence and strong work ethic made him one of the greatest actors of all time in Bollywood.





Jack Ma

He was jobless for a long period of his life. The humiliation was so severe that KFC offered job to 23 out of 24 people who applied and Jack was the only one rejected. He founded alibaba.com when the internet was launched, but did not made profit for first few years. He persisted, added value in lives of people and didn’t let failure quit business. Today, Jack Ma is not only successful but also the richest man in China.



The inspirational stories of successful people give us a confidence that we must not let failure block our progress. By learning and developing from failure, we can turn failures into triumphs. One day, we can write our own story of how we developed from failure and became successful which will inspire others.


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