Students Send Souvenirs to the Edoofa Counselling Team

The Edoofa program has helped thousands of African students with the right information in choosing the right path for a successful career. All this has been possible by the virtue of the counselling team at Edoofa. The counsellors have been helping each and every student get the right information needed to pursue their higher education. Accessibility to the right information is one of the major problems faced by the students. 

Mr. Angad’s visit to Ghana this year involved a lot of meetings and seminars with the students and different dignitaries. Also, In these seminars, students who are already a part of this prestigious program sent a token of appreciation for their respective counsellors.

A feeling of Accomplishment among the counsellors as well

Kailash from Edoofa happily wearing a traditional attire sent by the student ambassador Abena Achia Adu-Poku from Ghana.

A teacher’s happiness lies in the success of their students and the same feeling has been evoked in the hearts of these amazing counsellors. They have guided them all along in their path to the Edoofa program. Counsellors are really happy to see that the students have shown such a lovely gesture by sending presents to them. Therefore, they are having a sense of accomplishment seeing the kind of response they are getting from these students.

The team has been working really hard to deliver the best service to the young minds of Africa. With the kind of appreciation shown by some of our students in Africa, the team is thrilled and excited.  Consequently, all the counsellor’s efforts and hard work are turning out to be fruitful. Moreover, they are getting overwhelmed by the love and support being shown to them in the form of gifts and traditional attires.





They have heartily expressed deep gratitude for the beautiful gifts that they have received. Also, the Edoofa team is rejuvenated with a new energy and enthusiasm to counsel and help similar young students. Hence a great relationship is fostering between students and teachers and let’s hope this community keeps growing. A remarkable feat of achievement for the counsellors is being showcased. Further, the Edoofa team is determined to help bright students who are passionate about Higher education and are looking for the right mentors to guide them.


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