Steveron from Zimbabwe Writes About The Potential of African Youth

Potential of Africa’s Youth to achieve wonders in contributing to global growth and development

Africa has been seen as an underdeveloped continent, having its nations having the the worst economies the world has ever witnessed and some nations always bathed in the blood of brothers killed in simple possession wars, savage right.

But wait, it is not everything about Africa that deserves one to look aside in disgust. Africa is richer than it seems, all it needs is the mind of a genius to realize this. Africa is the home of some of the rarest minerals, greatest environments and of course, some of the greatest minds that have ever graced this earth. Oh yes! Most will go against my stance but it is just the naked truth. l have a question for all, “In which other continent do students walk for kilometers to attain the simplest education but still has a considerably high literacy range in the world if not Africa.” In Africa the struggle is real; to be successful one really has to really strive. Nonetheless with all these cons against the African youth a number of us “Africans” have managed to make it into global icons.

Africa has been the home to path-finders of which some of whom managed to make it big after attaining education at good universities, definitely not in Africa. Do not get me wrong, l am not saying Africa does not have good universities but the fact that its just in Africa, makes some graduates more theoretical than they are practical. Please do not criticize me, l am just saying what needs to be said here. Let me really start by mentioning names of Africa’s icons that started from rock bottom but still made it, but really, the list, the list of these heroes, yes heroes for they did what most here in Africa can not do, who rocketed their way to success and global development goes on. It is endless. Well why leave Africa to have better chances of being successful? This is the question that has to be answered by African leaders. To me the answer is simple. Africa’s educational system is out-dated, filled with bureaucracy, corruption and more anchors that are pulling us the African youth down. Well with these “simple” problems confronted, the numbers of African youth that contributes to Global sustainable development increases profoundly. Africa is just an untamed beast that can perform wonders once given the opportunity. This is the voice of the African youth,” give us a chance.” For l have no doubt that this is the home of some of the greatest minds.

In the end it is not about potential, we have already proved it that there is. It is not also about the will, for we still walk for unimaginable distances just to gain the basic algebra. It is about the cancer that haunts us. Africa’s youth is simply the future of the world; all we need is a chance, for we have given the world more than a thousand reasons why.

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