Steveron from Zimbabwe Shares His Talent for Poetry

At Edoofa, we strive towards building a community of empowered students, with passion and talent, who shall be the leaders and pioneers in the future. And keeping this vision in mind, we always encourage our student community to explore their talents and broaden their horizons. One of our selected students, Steveron, who is on his way to pursuing a Bachelors of Technology in Civil Engineering, with a 65% Scholarship from Edoofa, also happens to be extremely talented in poetry.

Here is a poem by Steveron titled “Figment of My Imagination”, where he shares his talent of poetry.

Figment of My Imagination

If it were reality l wouldn’t let go
l wouldn’t, l wouldn’t even think about it
how would l dare, take the comfort of your gaze away from my mind
l wouldn’t
how would l dare take the memory of your last kiss out of my mind
l wouldn’t
it has become part of my dreams
a part of me
don’t you dare wake me up, for l would rather have the comfort of my imagination
if l were you l wouldn’t
she has been made perfect
all her imperfections have been made perfect
she is part of my imagination
part of me
don’t you dare take her memory from me
for if l were you
l wouldn’t
if it were reality l wouldn’t let go

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