Steveron from Zimbabwe Shares His Edoofa Experience while Showing his Talent for Poetry.

It’s not every program that manages to make you feel like you are part of something big or very important. That manages to give you an intensive counseling session with your very own personalised counselor, who manages to give you the pros and cons on which university program to undertake. That has your success at priority. The Edoofa program manages all this. It makes you part of a family. l am proud to be part of this family for it has my success at mind.


Check out Steveron’s second poem published on our blog:

The Death of Poetry

Wish if you were still alive, those were the days when you where still alive
how you were full of emotion, love, hate and despair
yes you had it all
you were the honey pot
at least you weren’t fake.
you weren’t a play ground of interlectual wars
how the man in their educated suits of vernecular came and took over
how they led to the death of you
left you to dry out
you were never watered by the love you were used to no more
how they act if they mourn but their tears are made of paper
clarity of being fake
how l come to your grave side yet l don’t see your coffin
how we dug the grave for you yet your children still say you ain’t dead
are we supposed to wait for a resurection
my hand was also on this
how we forgot to write from the heart and chose to write from the mind.
we murdered you
l murdered you
l am as guilty as them hypocrites
they claim to be poetically wise
yet they just the ones who are poetically feabble
how we thought we were evolutionizing you
yet you just wanted to be an undefined way of defining thyn emotions
all l say is
rest in peace brother

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