The Edoofa Cycle Explained : International Student Scholarships in India


Edoofa is a program which gives a deserving international student scholarships. It gives an opportunity to them to study their dream courses. Edoofa also provides the chance to get work experience and training which makes students more employable.

Henceforth, we explain all the steps that a student who registers at Edoofa will be undergoing. Although it is a long process, it helps Edoofa to find the students who genuinely deserve the $5 million scholarship fund.

1. The Dilemma


african student education problems


Students who are very serious about their career realize that the jobs are not proportional to their expectations.

They are often very confused about a lot of factors. These factors are which country they will go to, how much it will cost them, will they get a scholarship if they deserve it, will they be able to adjust in a new country.

Edoofa understands these problems.




2. Interaction with Edoofa



Anhad Edutrain is a private company in India which has been associated with higher education for more than ten years. Edoofa is a program by Anhad.

Because of this, we are able to guide each student thoroughly. All our students  have one common goal : to achieve their dream.

Edoofa is with you throughout your 3-5 years of your academic life.






3. Registration and Counseling


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After a student registers on they are connected to our expert counselor.

Our counselors have guided tens of thousands of students in the past. They give expert guidance to all students no matter where they are from.



4. Interviews


interview to study abroad


After the counseling, our team of experts interviews the student to find out if he is eligible for $5 million scholarship fund.

Edoofa has a rejection rate of 70% because we ensure we select the best.




5. Acceptance and Scholarship


international student scholarships


If selected after the interview, students receive an acceptance letter. On paying the enrollment fees, they are guided through the application process for the universities they can apply to. Edoofa helps with making the Statement-of-Purpose and other documentation.



6. Traveling to India



This is a very difficult step, but the most fruitful one. Leaving your mother country to go to another is a huge milestone. However, India is an accepting country which is very rich in culture. It is very easy to make India your home.



7. Graduating



An Edoofian graduates with skills to get him a job in the industry that he is passionate about.

There are a lot of job opportunities available for him because he has now been trained and educated with the best of resources.




How to get an affordable Indian education and International Student Scholarships
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