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During one of our career counseling sessions, we met Michael (name changed). Michael was a keen and enthusiastic student who wished to pursue higher education abroad. However, his first question to us was, Is the Edoofa Scholarship genuine? A Chinese agency scammed me off $4000 promising me admission in a top university. Can Edoofa refund that money?


Cases like Michael are very common. In fact, online scams are very common. When it comes to education, agencies prey on vulnerable kids to eat their money until they don’t have any left.


Here is how to ensure that no one is scamming you :

1. Research

Search about how you will be receiving the scholarship. Also search the website and other platforms that are updated, and find reviews of students and past events by the opportunity providers. Furthermore, do a thorough research on the students who have taken the scholarship, and people who are a part of the organization. Talk to as many people who are linked with the scholarship so that you make your own intelligent and informed decision.

2. Do not make any payment without full knowledge

Connect with the organization. Basically, some smaller bodies help achieve admissions in prestigious universities by intense personal interaction with students. Finally, talk to career guides and counselors for advice.

Read about the Edoofa Cycle here 

3. Avoid Scholarships which tell you exact amount

A fully funded scholarship is a dream of every African student but academic profile and strength of application are few of the many other requirements for securing a fully funded scholarship. Make sure you have informed the other party of all these details before you apply to any university.

3. Reward without applying

You may have seen pop-up ads,

“Congratulations! You have just won a $10,000 scholarship to college! To obtain your reward, please make a payement.”

If you did not even apply anywhere, this is probably a scam.

4. Ignore Fancy Claims

Ignore any of these claims if you hear them :

  • Guaranteed fully funded scholarship
  • Please give me your credit card details
  • You can’t get information about our scholarship anywhere else
  • You don’t have to give any interview to get this


because this is about your future

Your career

Make your choice.


Don’t be discouraged—there are thousands of legitimate scholarships, like the Edoofa scholarship, that are dedicated to helping you. In conclusion, before you trust someone on-line make sure that you are well researched.


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