Physiotherapy is one of the promising fields if you are aspiring to pursue a career medical stream.




What is physiotherapy? 

Physiotherapy is an autonomous health profession that is primarily directed towards the prevention or alleviation of movement dysfunction in people. It is concerned with the remediation of impairment, and promotion of mobility, functional ability. The practice of physiotherapy is dedicated to movement sciences and is concerned with the function of body systems.




What is the scope of a career in physiotherapy? 

A career in physiotherapy can lead to a variety of interesting and challenging jobs in the healthcare system. Physiotherapists get specializations in the areas such as pediatrics, geriatrics, neurology, cardiorespiratory, and orthopedics.

Physiotherapists can also obtain a doctorate degree and become involved in research. Physiotherapists that demonstrate a high level of skill, knowledge, and competence in their work may find many opportunities for growth, such as moving into supervisory or management positions, teaching positions, or they may decide to open their own physiotherapy clinic or service.






What are the job roles of a physiotherapist? 

Physiotherapists work with patients with physical difficulties that may be a result of illness, injury, disability or aging.

A physiotherapist will need to:

  • work with patients to identify and treat their physical problems.
  • develop treatment programmes.
  • encourage exercise and movement by use of techniques.
  • assist patients following surgery, injury, accident and strokes.
  • enhancing tolerance in exercise and daily activities.
  • educating about the condition and therapy program.


Career Prospects

Physiotherapy jobs may be found at:

  • community health centers,
  • mental health centers,
  • nursing homes/private care centers,
  • rehabilitation centers,
  • sports clinics,
  • fitness centers
  • government hospitals
  • the Institute of the Physically Handicapped
  • Defence establishments
  • Teaching establishments
  • Their own clinic



Where do physiotherapists work? 

The physiotherapist mainly works in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and private practices. They also work in nursing homes, industrial health units, schools, sports clubs or clinics, the armed forces and universities.



What are the prerequisites to take up a course in physiotherapy? 

The requirements for admission into a physiotherapy programme vary from university to university.
Generally, students benefit from a strong science background. Candidates interested to pursue a career in physiotherapy require a good foundation in English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, health and physical education.





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