One of our Edoofians, Dube Shares His Experience of Indian Culture Viewed Through Television

Zee World channel, brings the best for you. Zee World is an English-Bollywood channel in South Africa which launched on 3 February 2015 and is exclusive to the DStv service. It carries domestic programming from India dubbed from several languages.

What’s Interesting About Zee World

Almost everything is interesting about Zee World, but the most exciting and awesome channel are shows. These are :

  1. Krish
  2. Silver Lining
  3. King of Hearts
  4. Forbidden Passion
  5. Twist of Fate

Interesting Similarity Between the 5 Shows

Here in all the five shows there is eagerness in participants to build something better and solid. However, there are lessons of passion and love in all of them also.

Zee World has however become people’s favorite. It  inspires and also motivates both young and old in this generation to adopt some excellent  Drama and show tactics from Indian Talented Actors.

How Zee World Explores A Different Culture and Society

  1. Zee World channel tremendously changed the romantic lifestyle of people  positively.
  2. It brings the very best in Indian entertainment with heart warming series e.g ‘’Young dreams”
  3. It’s a channel that encourages and promote true love, everlasting friendship and new beginnings.
  4. It also encourages perseverance to everyone and also build strong family relationships.
  5. It promotes union of break-up bonds between couples, families, friends etc.

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