My Edoofa Story: Wombeogo Martin From Ghana Describes the Affordable Higher Education Experience through Edoofa

Edoofa is for real. They are out to help Students achieve their dreams of attaining quality and affordable higher Education. The Staff of Edoofa are so patient and are ready to help you in every step of your application. You are at the right place. Edoofa is the right choice.
When you think higher Education, Think Edoofa!

Wombeogo Martin

Scholarship is to be created not by compulsion but by awakening a pure interest in knowledge. With the 60% scholarship Martin achieved his dreams of attaining quality and affordable higher education. He got the opportunity to study masters in civil engineering with the vision of Edoofa.

Edoofa believes that education should be affordable, accessible and should lead to a Job or Profession.Edoofa has a mission to enroll more and more students every year so that students get a chance to live a life of success and fulfillment.

In the past few years, the population in Africa has been rapidly increasing. The population of the African continent has increased by 30 million. This presents a great potential for development and economic growth. Africa has a great potential to grasp the opportunity by studying abroad with the help of Edoofa. The outlook will be great if African students continue to gain knowledge and have the opportunity to study and fulfill their dreams by getting the scholarship.Value is given to those who are passionate and have the determination to study. Edoofa is committed towards making a great impact by providing affordable higher education.

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With $7 Million worth of Scholarships and 1400 seats across the globe, Edoofa has a vision, to see Africa as a global leader of innovation, culture and growth. With this vision in mind, our global scholarship program has 400 Seats exclusively reserved for meritorious students across Africa. Admissions have started for the 2019 batch. For more information visit

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