My Edoofa Story: Wedzeraikutenda Dube from Zimbabwe Shares How He Overcame His Financial Troubles to Study in India

Finding a scholarship is one of the hardest things a student can get and its very exciting if one get it

The first time I heard about EDOOFA from a certain friend, I had some doubts in it due to some scams I had experienced before. I then went on the internet and researched about the program and where it was. Patiently I went through the program for several days until I understood how the program was like and I just liked it since it was my dream to do my higher education in India.

Confidently, l applied for the program since I believed I was a bright, meritorious and most deserving student who had a passion for education and long term vision, and EDOOFA was looking for such students. When I filled the form on the internet for enrolment, I was connected to the counselor who started counselling sessions with me and guided me into all the steps to be enrolled into the program. She gave all her time to me answering every question which I had and highlighting on every spot of doubt I had. She was very kind, very quick to help and had an understanding heart.

While on the counselling sessions, she sent me an FAQ document and asked me to read it with my parents telling them about the program and I did that. After we had gone through the document, my parents started having doubts on the program when they saw some amounts, which were to be paid including the enrolment fee and we thought it was a scam also.They started saying it’s better for me to learn in my country because learning outside is too expensive. My spirit went down and I tried to convince them about the quality of education in India but they seemed not to understand me.Then they advised me to leave the program since they could not raise all the money that was stated in that document to be paid on the specified date. I then told my counselor about it and she then advised me not to lose hope but to persevere and to keep on encouraging my parents. She then provided an extension date for my payments. I then told my parents what the counselor had suggested, and they finally agreed with her thought and paid the money in instalments and I was successfully enrolled in the EDOOFA program.

After I was enrolled in the program, she then connected me to the EDOOFA board where I met good people who were understanding, lovely, kind and long suffering. They helped me in all the steps to acquire a scholarship and now I have a 60% scholarship to study my Diploma in MLT in SUS College.After I got my scholarship I was to pay my registration fee to the college and I started facing some challenges in getting all the money needed by that time and I was stuck. Our country’s economy changed and it was difficult to get money in USD. The Edoofa board then helped me with deadline extensions so that I can manage to pay all of it, and I managed to get the money and l paid all of it.Until now the EDOOFA is still serving its the same service of kindness, quick response and good understanding of heart, and I’m glad to be part of this family today, and I am proud of it.

l would like to extend my heart of gratefulness to everyone in the EDOOFA board for all your help you gave to me in times of distress. Thank you for your kindness. l am very glad to be part of you and to work with you offering the best of my service.

My advice to everyone is to join us in this family and experience your higher education with edoofa and make your dream come true.Thank you.

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