My Edoofa Story: Nadia Esther Bruce From Ghana Shares Her Masters Program Journey with Edoofa

I came across EDOOFA advertisement on Facebook and decided to give it a try. I wasn’t even expecting positive results, I had serious doubts about how genuine it was. I was contacted by a counselor who showed me the various processes involved and guided me step by step through the processes till I finally arrived in India with  60%scholarship. I had never considered India to be a place of study but upon arrival, am glad I didn’t listen to the voices who tried to discourage me. EDOOFA has been a blessing and has made me a part of a bigger family and I hope all who are in doubt are able to learn something from this review. It’s not a scam and it’s a sure way of securing up to a 100%scholarship at a reputable university in India.

Nadia Bruce

Nadia always believed success is achieved by developing strength not by eliminating weakness. She not only fulfilled her dream but also got the opportunity to explore and got to know the culture of India. She got the opportunity to pursue Master in geography with a 60% scholarship.

She got the opportunity to complete her masters with the vision of EDOOFA i.e.- quality higher education and opportunity to fulfill the dream with affordable higher education. A Masters degree is often very expensive but with a scholarship provides valuable higher education to those who are really passionate and dream to achieve something big in their life.

The unique part is that in EDOOFA every student is given a chance to earn scholarship credits through the EARN VALUE LEARN PROGRAM. This starts with the 3-month training program, during which  EDOOFA helps to build technical and communication skills. Further, it helps African students to get scholarship credits by doing real-time live projects after classes. However, the fundamental requirement towards the accomplishment of this goal is that students pursue quality higher education and get exposure by collaborating with fellow students and build leadership & executive job skills. EDOOFA believes education is the most powerful tool which you can use to change the world.

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