My Edoofa Story: Arthur Albert from Ghana describes How He Got B.Tech with 80% Scholarship from Edoofa

My journey so far with Edoofa have been very smooth and enjoying,one thing that really gets me on is their level of patience towards their members,also they are very open and straight,you will be told the truth and are very welcoming there is an absolute feeling of being part of a wonderful family.
My experience with Edoofa have actually changed my perception of all online scholarship educations being scam,at least I still know that there are still better ones that are always Willing to help people out genuinely.

Arthur Albert

A B.Tech in Computer Science has become one of the most prestigious and sought after courses across the world over the past few years. Coupled with the rise of the digital business era, the need for B.Tech CS graduates in the job market has exploded. It is one of the most lucrative courses right now with companies from Microsoft to Apple, Amazon to Uber, Facebook to Instagram, seeking students who have studied Computer Science in their Bachelors in Engineering.

Arthur Albert’s dream to pursue a B.Tech in Computer Science was fulfilled through the Edoofa Scholarship Program. The young man from Ghana had the passion to study abroad and pursue this prestigious course, but higher education abroad tends to be too expensive for most of us to pursue. However, Edoofa saw in Arthur a passion to chase his dreams, a keen desire to learn and a good academic background, which we believe defines an ideal student and which is the reason he earned an 80% scholarship from Edoofa.

With $7 Million worth of Scholarships and 1400 seats across the globe, Edoofa has a vision, to see Africa as a global leader of innovation, culture and growth. With this vision in mind, our global scholarship program has 400 Seats exclusively reserved for meritorious students across Africa. Admissions have started for the 2019 batch. For more information visit

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