Looking Forward to 2019: African Economic Growth and What It Means For You

2018 is drawing to a close as 2019 approaches. With the new year, come several expectations among us all for new opportunities and new openings. And it is a very interesting time in the continent’s economic growth. As a large youth population, combined with rapidly increasing internet penetration and foreign investment, countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi, Zimbabwe among others are set to reap the benefits of these factors which have historically led to rapid economic development for countries such as China and India.

According to the World Bank, the overall GDP of several African nations is set to grow over the next five years. Based on an IMF report, in a list of the top fastest growing countries according to Real GDP Growth Rate, 13 of the 30 top countries are in Africa. One of the most critical factors effecting this growth in 2019 and ahead is the potential of a massive youth population, or what is known as the “demographic dividend”. The United Nations defines demographic dividend as “the economic growth potential that can result from shifts in a population’s age structure, mainly when the share of the working-age population (15 to 64) is larger than the non-working-age share of the population (14 and younger, and 65 and older)”. In other words, it is “a boost in economic productivity that occurs when there are growing numbers of people in the workforce relative to the number of dependents.” UNFPA stated that, “A country with both increasing numbers of young people and declining fertility has the potential to reap a demographic dividend.”

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