Kofi Annan: Remembering a Great Son of Africa

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.        -Kofi Annan

Ghana lost one of her most beloved sons recently. Kofi Annan built his legacy as a great diplomat, a thinker for the development of Africa, a reformer of international bureaucracy and a true global leader. But his legacy was established firmly in the hearts of all those who knew him because first and foremost, he was a humanitarian. Considered one of the founding fathers of the corporate sustainable development that has swept the world of global business in recent years, Annan lent a human face to global industry.

His brainchild, the UN Global Impact made corporate social responsibility a core issue in today’s day and age. Yet, his impact was not restricted to global relations alone. Annan always had a desire to build a new Africa, heading towards growth and development. His brothers and sisters reaching for prosperity. He tackled core issues such as HIV and women’s rights in Africa.

Annan was never afraid to speak his mind in the international platform. He called upon the US and UK to not launch the Iraq War, and later openly expressed the war as “illegal”. His bravery on the global stage is a source of inspiration for any aspiring diplomat. Kofi Annan’s courage was also put to the test when he faced a very ugly personal smear campaign that wrongly accused him of corruption. But even during these dark months he would not abandon his faith in the ideas of the United Nations. He remained a champion of development for Africa and the world and felt true economic growth can only be achieved through a globalised market.

At Edoofa, we have the vision that in a globalised market that is constantly expanding, Africa is a key player. Africa’s development goes hand in hand with the growth of the global market as well as the development of education. And as opportunities come by, employability is a key issue that needs to be addressed. We aim to create pioneers in Africa who will work towards both their personal growth and a collective growth of their community and of Africa. A vision that Kofi Annan believed in. He too was once a young man who had a vision, and through hard work and dedication in his education and career, made a legacy that will never die. It is now your turn to carry his legacy forward and work towards development, for us all.

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