CRAZE: Kumkum Bhagya & Ghanaian Football Players

In Ghana, Kumkum Bhagya is so popular that students may find questions pertaining to the show in their exam papers.

Yes, You heard it right!
Read ahead to know more about this amazing fascination and Craze that the Ghanaian U-17 FIFA  worldcup football team had off the field!!!













As soon as the Ghana under-17 football team learnt that their pre-quarterfinal FIFA World Cup match would be held in Mumbai, a new item appeared on their to-do list. A trip to Film City, where the world of Abhi, Aliya, Pragya, Tanu, Bulbul and Purab came to life through a complex script of twists and turns, misunderstandings and marriages.


“They can stream it from the Ghana website on their phones to get the translated version, but we have confiscated their phones so they don’t get distracted. I watch the show, so they keep asking me what is happening,” says Agyemang.

The players’ phones have in fact been confiscated so they don’t stream the series on their phones and get distracted during the games.


We want to meet and take photos with some of the actors, and even the producer, anyone will do,” says Kwadwo Agyemang, board chairman of the Ghana National Sports Authority. “We don’t mind even if it is for five minutes.”


The reach of Bollywood has not bypassed Ghanaian shores, but in the West African nation, it is the Indian TV soap opera Kumkum Bhagya that reigns supreme.

The Balaji Telefilms series has been on air in Ghana since November 2015 and is dubbed in the local Twi language. Playing on prime time, it reportedly attracts one of the highest revenues at approximately $6,500 every month per slot.

What’s more, apparently a question on the TV show made its way into a Class 4 English language question paper as well.

According to the Ghanaians, audiences back home are under the impression that the actors are actually fluent in Twi. But what has truly kept them hooked is the incessant plot twists that have long been associated with Indian soap operas.

Talk about the power of entertainment!


What we can comprehend from this article is the fact that the one thing that connects all of us together is the cultural exchange between two societies or two countries, which has become a prominent characteristic of the modern ‘digitalised’ world. A similar strong connection is seen between Ghana and India.

It can be traced back to many cultural affinities between the two countries despite the geographical differences and it also goes deep down to spiritual levels and our Indian soaps and films  have played an important part in attaining  this cultural relationship between Ghana and India for many decades now. Higher Education in India plays one such important role in this relationship.




CEO of Edoofa meeting the Education Minister of Ghana
CEO of Edoofa meeting the Hon Speaker of parliament Ghana















Do you recognize these dignitarians?

Edoofa CEO and Founder recently met  Hon Speaker of parliament Ghana and the Education Minister of Ghana this year.

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