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There are a lot of problems with education in Ghana, compared to developing countries. Thus, all serious students in Africa look for scholarships abroad. International education is what can make dedicated students employable.


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Edoofa with Speaker of Parliament of Ghana


Last week, Edoofa met Speaker of Parliament of Ghana for the second time, and understood these problems.

Vision of Edoofa

The vision of Edoofa Program is to provide international students with higher education options in India. Students are counseled for the best career options so that they can take a fully informed decision on their career. They will also connect them to some of the best universities in India. Edoofa is not a charity but an opportunity for deserving students to get sponsor their education.

Seminars in Kumasi and Accra

With that vision, Edoofa organized multiple seminars in Kumasi and Accra.

These were based on the following points :

  • Eligibility for international education
  • Getting to study your dream course
  • Admission intake
  • Maximizing scholarship to get in top universities abroad.
  • Financial Advice
  • Earn while you learn program


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Mr. Angad and Mr. Avreen met professors, teachers and registrars. They discussed all the challenges that are faced by students of the African community while studying abroad. Also, they talked the problems faced by the students that are enrolled with Edoofa.


Ghana student seminar

Events in Ghana



The doubts of all the students were taken and answered. Mr. Angad explained how Indian education can benefit the students who want to attend the Edoofa program. Achieving a scholarship is not easy, but it has a lot of benefits.

You can read more about the experience of a student, Winston Nunekpeku, here  :

How to get an affordable international education

Not every deserving students gets an affordable higher education. Don’t miss this opportunity. Mr. Angad and Mr. Avreen are in Ghana for a few more days. Contact us for more details.

Register on so that our counselors can help you get a seat in a prestigious University.

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