Personality is how you impact other people how your presence and your behaviour, the way you do things evaluated by the second person. Usually, some personality becomes habits if we develop them when we were young. Some might be good to alter some it might be difficult.

In developing personality you need to be self-confident in whatever you do show that you are in control Also you need to improve your communication skills the way you talk, you need to have a clean speech. Develop leadership skills and qualities and improve your social skills. Always check your body language.

In this quest to achieve great personality Edoofa has managed to be an impact by helping students to develop good communication skills through blogging and also developing student’s social skills. Giving students real-life work situations for them to develop skills and experience hence strengthening the personality of students

So in conclusion developing a personality starts in your mind being ready to learn new things and implement and also analyse how they impact other people in the community. Also, the first impression gives a lot about your personality so you need to work on the way you dress.

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