Studying abroad has been really interesting and eye-opening. The opportunities that come as a result of this move is limitless and meeting people from different countries with their views. You are exposed to a different educational system, better opportunities and it helps you appreciate your home more which is very vital. I will be sharing my experience with local and international students.

Experience with other Africans

Studying in India has been very interesting because the country is blessed with various interesting cultures and the African community always makes you feel at home. Many people are scared of leaving their home countries in fear of being alone but the truth is there are a lot of students or aspiring ones from your country or neighboring countries. Meeting students from Ghana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Ivory Coast will have never happened if I chose to never leave my comfort zone. It is amazing because you get the privilege of seeing how other people think, foods they ate, view on problem solving and a couple of other things. Take an instance my room is Zimbabwean and does not like his food as spicy as a typical Nigerian meal and he can do a lot of things I can’t and it just shows you the beauty in diversity.

Experience with Indians

There are a lot of misconceptions about them from what Africans typically watch on Zee world. That’s surprising, right? I have met some of the smartest people in my life and learned so much about their respect for culture and traditions. They are also very kind people and everybody is seen as your brother, “Bhai”. The educational system is good and lecturers are very easy to approach. The country is also blessed with monumental that you can visit during your spare time and holidays. It has been a truly amazing experience so far.


There are a lot of things to look forward to studying abroad and it is an experience that should be maximized if one has the opportunity to. Click the link below to get connected to an amazing team of people looking to help students study abroad.

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