How India being a country has a pool of talent and is the right place to learn.

 India’s pool of technical manpower is one of the largest in the world, the growth rate of India’s software industry has been tremendous in the recent past, and the demand in the west of students from top science and technology educational institutions has been very strong.

There are 5 students who earned a scholarship from Google and Udacity and they have used their opportunities to achieve incredible things in their lives and their careers. Out of 5 Students, One of the success stories are is as follows:

Suparna is from West Bengal, India. She is the eldest of three children, and today, she is a mother herself, with a 4yrs old son. She comes from a background in which female education is considered sinful and Suparna had to overcome incredible obstacles in order to complete her formal education. She had to face the objections in her family, and challenge repressive societal expectations, in order to create an independent identity for herself, but she preserved, and after completing her master’s Suparna found a life partner who supported her goals and ambitions. In 2016 however, her son fell critically ill, and she stopped working in order to care for him. Returning to the workforce was difficult technology moves so fast, and She didn’t know how to fit back into the job market. But as a google developer scholarship recipient, She is now engaged in an intensive learning program, and looking forward to using her new skills not just her own life, but to uplift others in situations similar to what she had to overcome.

From this, we can be encouraged to overcome our issue in our day to day life.

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