How helpful are your Indian friends?

There is no lone ranger in this world. As a matter of fact, humans were created to be dependent on one another just like countries. Studies show that people who are friendly live longer. A life without friends is no life at all. We must also consider that even though goods friends can bring good cheers to our lives, bad friends are apt to the tasks of bringing misery to our lives. This is why we must choose friends carefully.

       It’s no wonder the saying that ‘there are friends who stick closer than a brother’. This is the reality I’m facing here in India. By the grace of God, I’ve met some great friends who have shown me great love and care and without them my life wouldn’t have been much more enjoyable.

I enjoy each moment of my life here because I have friends who bring food from home for me. I’ve already made favorite foods here in India which was the last thing I thought of. My close friends’ mothers have taken me as their daughter also and have given me the privilege to request for any food of my choice on any day and they are apt to fulfill their promises. My favorite so far is ‘parantha’.

Some teachers have taken me as their daughters. They offer my motherly and fatherly advice and check up on me from time to time. They always say when I need anything I can contact them at any time. They invite me to their homes to celebrate some Indian festivals with them. And one teacher has promised to gift me a Punjabi suit.

Not all humans are the same. Some have different mindsets and different upbringings but I’m grateful that I’ve found people with a common interest. People who are selfless, caring and helpful here in India. Thanks to EDOOFA