How Content Consumption Has Changed and What It Means For You

Mass communication across the globe has forever been altered in the 21st century digital age. Our grandparents got the news from the newspapers. Our parents consumed information and content through the television. And our generation has constant access to any information across the world, thanks to our smartphones. This paradigm shift has not only been one of new technology, but also the way we interact and communicate to the public. The way news spreads.

The implications of this shift have been staggering. Not only do we now have constant access to any information and content, we also get this access faster than ever before. If there has been a major crime reported in a city in Canada, someone living in India can see that news within seconds. And traditional media sources such as news channels are not the only sources any longer. Someone can take a photo/video of an incident and make an Instagram story, any event, across anywhere in the world, can be seen live. And we have become so used to this new age of instant access, that we do not realize even ten years ago, things were much different.

The rise of Netflix and similar video streaming services like iROKOtv and Hulu are perfect case studies on how the manner of content consumption has changed across the world. These video streaming services tend to become addictive as people “binge-watch” their favourite TV Shows. But what is the source of this addiction? Earlier most of our entertainment used to come from television, where the choice of what and when we could watch something was up to the channels and networks. Now, for the first time, the choice of what to watch and when to watch it lies with us

So how does this impact us as young people looking to build their careers? There definitely is good news. With this era of instant information, we have limitless opportunities. The IT Industry across the globe is massive. The internet has also allowed us to now get access to any opportunity, all that is required from our end is initiative.

In terms of career opportunities in industries within mass communication itself, careers in journalism, advertising, corporate communication and film and television industries are booming, as each of these industries is increasingly placing emphasis on their online services, and the need for effective communicators and story-tellers just keeps on increasing.

Pursuing a degree in Bachelors/Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication has never before been so exciting and so full of opportunities. People with a passion in this field should definitely pursue a higher education in this area. However, in today’s day and age, simply a degree is not enough, one also needs essential employability skills to ensure professional success. The Edoofa Scholarship Progam provides the opportunity to selected meritorious students to pursue a high quality, affordable university education, while at the same time also learning essential employability skills and earning scholarship credits. So that you can get ahead in your career.

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