How comprehensive and developmental programs like career guidance assist individuals in making informed educational and occupational choices.

People keep making mistakes when it has to do with making career decisions not because they want to but because they thought it might be the best for them and later live with regrets. However, I believe they could have avoided the mistake and made well-informed career choices if they had experienced and key experts or knowledgeable people to educate, coach and guide them during their career decision-making process.

Let me share my personal experience with you.

Before completing my first degree, I was well certain of the program I wanted to do in furthering my higher education. To me, I thought it was the best program for me but however, through my career guidance I realized the program I wanted to read for higher education not only wasn’t good for me but also didn’t suit my personality and job interest. With the help of expertise and career guidance I was able to select a program that I feel more comfortable reading or pursuing and also have developed so much interest in.

In conclusion, Career development program causes people to make well-informed career decisions because:

  1. It helps students make the right choice of program to study.
  2. It helps students make well-informed decisions on the institution or country to study when all available resources have been taken into consideration.
  3. It helps student bring out the best in them
  4. It helps workers make well informed which makes them more job satisfied
  5. It helps to avoid regrets in the future.
  6. It helps increase the level of satisfaction.

    –By Ebezener Bold.

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