How a Ghanian Student Can Earn and Learn Her Way to Success

Linda Agyei with her Scholarship Credits Certificate.

Modern higher education in universities has become extremely expensive, especially for students who want to pursue their studies abroad. Yet countries all over the world are beginning to see education as a basic right for everyone, something we all should have access to irrespective of what financial background we come from. Considering this, education should be affordable and at the very least, students should be given the opportunity to earn and make their higher education affordable. The value of education is not something we can take for granted. Education is what gives us a career and financial resources in the future which enables us to live a comfortable life. Success is something we all aspire towards, and a good education is the key to success.

But good education and good results can only come through hard work. We have all heard from nursery to adulthood that hard work always pays. We have heard it from our parents, our friends, our teachers, our bosses, basically everyone. But how true is it? Does hard work always pay? Doesn’t having a good financial background contribute to success? It is true. A good financial background can give one access to several facilities. But nothing can replace hard work in its importance to success. Some of the most successful people in history such as Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and JK Rowling faced a lot of financial strains but that did not stop them from achieving their dreams. They achieved success through hard work alone.

At Edoofa, we provide the opportunity for a student to work hard and succeed in life. Linda Agyei from Ghana is the perfect example of someone who fought her difficulties and achieved success. Linda attended the fast track session which was held when Mr. Angad, founder of the Edoofa program, was in Ghana to start their Earn While You Learn Program Training. Linda has earned a lot of scholarship credits after that in the previous two months by working for several internships under Edoofa’s Earn While You Learn Program. She was handed over the Scholarship credits certificate as soon as she arrived in India and pursued her higher education dreams abroad under the prestigious Edoofa program, and made her higher education affordable.

“Edoofa is the best place look for quality and affordable education,” says Linda “I first heard of Edoofa from my uncle who wanted me to further my education abroad, he asked me to apply for a scholarship at Edoofa because he was confident they could help me. In as much as I wanted to I was very much afraid because I know friends who have applied for scholarships several times but did not get it, but all the same I did apply at edoofa. To my surprise, a career counselor contacted me at that moment, and it took off from there. She made me understand all the conditions and encouraged me that I could make it to India to study my dream course. The counsellor took me through all the processes patiently and by God’s grace I passed my eligibility test which gave me the opportunity to be a member of Edoofa. Now as I write, I have received my admission acceptance letter from Edoofa to pursue my dream course MBA with 70% scholarship on tuition fee. All this is a result of Edoofa’s awesome efforts that took me there”.

Linda’s story is an inspiration to us all of how we can achieve our dreams by working hard no matter whatever difficulties come our way. Like Linda, you too can achieve your dreams by applying for the Edoofa Scholarship program. Edoofa has helped thousands of students across Africa and Asia achieve their higher education aspirations and aims to create pioneers in industry, business, arts, science and technology. Once enrolled into the scholarship program, students can increase their work experience and add to their resumes as well as exposure while earning scholarship credits which can make their higher education even more affordable. Edoofa ensures our students don’t just take steps, but leapfrog to success. Check your eligibility for the Edoofa scholarship program now or contact our counselors. We look for passionate, hardworking and intelligent students who will change the paradigm of the global industry as we see it today.

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