Hospitality management involves the direct application of sound management concepts and practices in the areas of food, lodging, and other hospitality-related businesses. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree program in hospitality management can prepare you to enter a career in this field. Continue reading for more information about how to become a hospitality manager.




A degree in hospitality management prepares students for managing positions in the hospitality industry like hotel general management and restaurant management.





What is the scope of hospitality management?





Hospitality management includes many different businesses, including restaurants, hotels, casinos, resorts, tour agencies and airlines. With a degree in hospitality management, there are many different types of careers that can be pursued. Many companies have begun to favor candidates with relevant education. However, extensive training and work experience are typically necessary for upper-level management positions.



Types of degrees in Hospital management:



To work in the field of hospitality management, a degree is not always required.

Positions at the entry-level, do not require more than a high school diploma or the equivalent. However, a degree in this field can give students an edge and may lead to securing higher positions.



Four types of degree can be earned in hospitality management:


  • Associate degree in hospitality management

  • Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management

  • Master Degree in Hospitality Management

  • Doctorate Degree in Hospitality Management




Career opportunities in Hospitality management:



There are many different types of careers in this field. You could become a general manager, other options include opening your own restaurant, working as an event planner, or even pursuing a career in travel or tourism.




You may also specialize in a particular area, some of the popular job titles include:


  • Lodging manager

  • Restaurant manager

  • Casino manager

  • Cruise director

  • Concierge Travel agent

  • Hotel/Motel Manager

  • Event Planner

  • Facilities Manager





Industries which hire professionals in hospitality management:


Professionals in hospitality management can find work in catering, conference and events management, the entertainment and leisure sector, facilities management and food service management. There are roles for them throughout the public sector in universities, hospitals, transport and the armed forces. A self-employment is an option if one has the experience, the business sense, and a sound plan.









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