EDOOFEST is an online fest through which Edoofians receive opportunities to earn SCHOLARSHIP CREDITS offered by organizations and companies who have offered the S.E.E.L.S (Students Of Edoofa Earning and Learning to Success) program of Edoofa through various tasks.



Edoofest started on 15th January where we offered Edoofians with tasks and projects through which they got to show their skills which they acquired during their 3 months training through the ” EARN WHILE YOU LEARN ” Program.

Their dedication and commitment towards delivering quality work had been exceptional and we take immense pride and happiness in not only being able to provide Quality Higher Education to all our students and to be able to help them study their dream courses in the best universities in India, but also training them and helping them expand their horizons to improve their skill set making them industry ready.


They successfully completed all the tasks allotted to them and earned maximum Scholarship Credits on those projects.



One of those successful Edoofians is Francis Lamuo.






Let me inform you about his accomplishments and credits.


  •  Francis Lamuo has been awarded 5300 SCHOLARSHIP CREDITS accumulated from 53,000 points earned by performing various tasks under the projects allotted to the candidates from 15th of February, 2018 to 22nd February, 2018.


  • These  SCHOLARSHIP CREDITS will be transferred to his respective college registered accounts and will be adjusted in his next semester fees.


  •    The most fascinating thing about it is that, though Francis diligently committed 2-3 hours daily to his tasks and projects allotted to him and managed to earn Scholarship Credits for himself, yet he managed to secure 8.8 SGPA out of 10 in his first semester examinations at college.


This proves there is only one way to success, its called HARD WORK.


Edoofa congratulates Francis Lamuo with Edoofa Certificate of Merit for his hard work and zeal and we wish him a great career ahead.

Edoofa believes if Francis can do it, so can you.

Watch this video to know about Francis Lamuo’s  EARN WHILE YOU LEARN experience.


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