Former Malawi President Mutharika’s Educational Journey in India

Bingu wa Mutharika was born in the village of Kamoto, in Thyolo District, Malawi. As a young man who wanted to make an impact in his country, he joined the Nyasaland Civil Service, but he knew he had to have quality higher education to make a real difference in his career and the lives of the Malawian people. India has always been a top destination for quality higher education, and Mutharika decided to pursue his undergraduate and postgaduate degrees in Economics from a University in India’s capital Delhi.

“I consider myself a Delhiwala,” Mutharika said in a conference in 2010, almost 40 years after completing his studies in India, having served a term already as President of Malawi and serving his second term.

“I am myself a product of India,” asserted Mutharika, who was re-elected for a second time in 2009. Citing his success story, he urged more cooperation from India in the education sector and explained the importance for the youth to have quality higher education for the development and growth of not just the individual, but the nation as a whole.

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